Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lady L Fashion Inspiration Contest

Heyyyy guys. I finished my Lady L contest for a runway/model, female icon inspiration and I chose this picture from somewhere not sure it was on my computer lol.
And this is my interpretation!!!

I used a TON of stuff lol
Laura Geller Spackle under makeup
MUFE HD foundation 118
Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige
MAC MSF in dark/natural and shimmer
MAC Strobe Liquid lotion
Urban Decay's Honey in the deluxe palette
my mineral makeup Shimmer Moss
CS 88 shimmer palette blue green column 4 row 5
my mineral makeup Lavendar
CS 88 shimmer palette fuschia column 7 row 6
CS 88 shimmer palette lite pink column 1 row 4 to blend fuschia
CS Pearl dust shadow
Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on pencil in electric
Laura Mercier's Black ebony
LORAC publicity stunt mascara
Eyebrows with Banila Co Eye love eyebrow duo
Dots with MAC Fluidline in blacktrack
liner used NYX 625 peach
Stila lipglaze in vanilla
my mineral makeup shimmer moss
TKB mellow yellow

Friday, December 12, 2008

FOTD/ Lady L holiday entry

Hey guys! I'm back :) whoo hoo! First off let's start wiiiith my FOTD/ Lady L Entry for the Holiday Contest!!!!. I wore this out Thursday night when i went to Iguana's... quite festive with all the silver glittery stuff.

I have REALLY small eyes :)


Throw up tha deuuuucesss!

Okay so this is what I used:

Laura Geller Spackle under make-up primer for za cheeks
Makeup Forever All mat primer for my t-zone
Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 118
Makeup Forever HD Powder
Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige
NARS Super Orgasm
Bare Minerals Warmth
1st layer: UDPP not pictured
2nd layer: Sharkskin Shadestick
3rd layer: my mineral e/s in Timberwolf
4th: Etude House's silver gray on inner V w/ Coastal scent's 88 palette silver on top, last column third row
5th: Coastal Scent's 88 palette on outer-v- last column fourth row
6th: Coastal Scent's black on top of outer-v
7th: used Coastal Scent's hi-lite beige to blend first column third row
8th: coastal scent's hi-lite in pearl to highlight eyebrow bone
9th: MAC's middle silver line in Outspoken to put silver sparkles everywhere :)
10th: MAC's black track fluid line
11th: Ardell lashes in iono because they were gone by the end of the night... they are not pictured :( RIP
Mascara: LORAC Publicity Stunt
Eyebrows: BanilaCo Eye love eyebrow duo

Banila Co Hyori Lipstick
Stila Lipgloss in Grapefruit for an ultimate pussy pout
SOOOO yeah got my prize package from Lotus Palace

I've never worn a lipstain before but I'm pleasantly pleased with this one. It's got this strange weird gross feel that kind of creeps me out but then it goes away haha. makes me look like I've been drinking cherry kool-aid all day.
Haven't used the face mask but I've done these before in Korea, they're like a staple in Korean makeup stores.
Elisha Coy BB Cream: i'm wearing it now and me likes it... it's like a muddy consistency at first ... kind of cool.
My Secret Santa on coastalscent's forum came in!!! yay for Pamalou at Nature's Beauty Minerals in Toledo, Washington :)

Lookie what I got!!! Two chocolate bath fizzies to be used after these darn finals.

And muslin clothes... which I've never used before but sound specktacular. Supposed to be really good for softly exfoliating your face.

So... Thursday got my paycheck ... went shopping for my outfit found NOTHING well for my outfit. EXCEPT these sex shoes I've been wanting for a year. Yes... a whole year.

Aren't they supppper hot. I wore them out Thursday night... bitchingly painful~! but sooo fuckin hot. Can't tell you how many compliments I got on my feet though yay :)
shoes i got my brother :) aren't they hot as shit!!!! i know i know the lil' kid loves me

So I bought this Thursday too since I got a sample of it with my sephora purchase the other day... basically... it's the shit. I really didn't like my MUFD HD foundation until I wore this under it. I'm not sure what it does to be completely honest with you but it feels like a second skin.
So girls, you know how we post about all the new things we get and sometimes our old favorites? Welllll I decided to do an old faithful that hasn't been gettin much love from me on the blog... my HAIRBRUSH!!! haha... it's a Conair from CVS and I would be lost without it... so yay here you go:


So I was tagged by Francesca and Nehs <3 thanks girlies soooo here goes

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you.At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog.You can’t tag the person who tagged you.

1. I will eat almost anything once. I'm a bit of a dare devil when it comes to that ;) I've eaten bugs (bundaegee if that's how you spell it), live octopus, fish flopping their lil fins straight out the ocean (quite literally people do this in korea, they go to this ocean and when the fish come on to the shore from the waves we pick them up dip 'em in sauce and eat yum yum!... actually they were DISGUSTING) coagulated pig blood noodles, chicken heart... all that good stuff.

2. i am a constant hobby-ist. I can't tell you how many hobbies I have... cross-stitching, scrapbooking, card-making, make-up making, doing make up... ehh the list goes on!!!!

3. If I was a stereotype I wouldn't be invented yet... lol no really I love pokemon, I'm a cheerleader/love playing football, love makeup, enjoy reading fantasy novels (harry potter, lotr, cirque du freak, etc), love love love playing video games especially RPGS, listen to hip hop AND punk rock, in high school I did MUN, newspaper and was school president and never showed up for school haha. I love wearing sweats and skirts. (wait this is like ten random facts lol)

4. my brother is the most important person in my life. if he died I'd kill myself from grief.

5. i taught myself how to type because I was too impatient for my teachers to teach me... school is TOO slow for me :). same with reading except my baby sitter taught me how to read :)

6. i'm allergic to hard fruits with skin like apples, pears, peaches... but only if I bite into them... if they're cut i'm fine... strange. I'm also allergic to everything else in the world.

7. I have a love/hate relationship with the color red.

8. I've made 1000 cranes for two ex-boyfriends, I've also made 1000 stars for two ex-boyfriends. Those ex-boyfriends shall not be named may one of them rot in hell.

9. I've been subpoenaed to court as a witness for said ex-boyfriend against his baby mama and he cheated on me with her. hmmm.... some people are REALLY stupid.

10. i name and talk to all my teddy bears.

11. my number one stress relieving method: bubble bath + wine + candles + chocolate

12. my favorite animal is an elephant. i'm quite obsessed. i have a bunch of knick-knacks/what-nots and stuffed elephants. i love them. not sure why.

13. i have no idea what I want to do with my life and at this point my secret confession is that I wish some guy would just marry me and I could be a housewife. But alas my other secret confession is that I don't believe in marriage and I want to raise kids by myself and be a successful tyrant!

14. I have an obsession with louis vuitton since my name's Elvie and many people liken it to L.V. however I have no money for said obsession so everything I own is fake!!!! Muahahahah! (obviously have no insecurity about being faux fabulous :) !! )

15. i have like a billion birthmarks. one on my elbow looks like a heart that someone took a bite out of, i have one on my inner thigh "down under" of aust
ralia, i have one by my knee that looks like an aardvark and one on my back that looks like iono since I can't see my back to tell you.

16. my name's Elvie, middle name Whitney named after Whitney Houston and everyone I knew up until college called me Whitney since that's what I was called since birth. Reason being: my korean relatives CANNOT pronouse Elvie.


so many ppl already got tagged soooo this is it :)

I will post later with pics from tampa PLUS some minor haulage and mayyyybe my Lady L contest entry ?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Haulage and Mineral E/S Collection :)

Hey guyyss!! I'm doing a MASSIVE post due to the fact that I'll be gone this weekend to Tampa and no blogging for me :(. But when I get back expect muchas more!!!!

SOOOO let's start with my haul from Black Friday/Cyber Monday. YAYYYY!!!! I went to go get my sephora box and lookie lookie my TKB box was there too! supppplieess!!! (if said in korean accent comes out to be SURRRRPPPRRRRISEEE :) try it you know you want too ;) )

First off my coastalscents haul from before:
Finally got my hands on one of these. Gel Liners from coastalscents... this one's in truffle.
I would have done a swatch but uhmmm it looked like shit on my hand... quite literally
Can you see I used a wittle? Isn't the packaging cute?
Compared to MAC Blacktrack fluid line. MAC's packaging is bigger but don't be fooled. They're exactly the same weight. 3g/0.1 oz
My very own supply of CRACKKKK ... actually Kaolin Clay. Used in my blushes, and in facemasks, especially for acne. Seriously check out any face mask you own and see if there's some of this stuff in there. I was amazed when I saw it was in my neutrogena and my proactiv. Just gonna use it straight out the bag no additives! Just water.... we'll see how that goes
As for this purchase... FRIGGEN AMAZING!!! I've heard of all the amazing healing properties of Shea Butter and this stuff's unrefined so it has all those bad boys straight outta Africa, my motherland lol. Using this for my ecsema on my hands and my acne scars on my face and so far it's been kicking the asses of many an expensive brand... this was only $8.50 and at the rate it's going it'll last me like ten years. Except that I'm going to make whipped shea butter out of it... like body butters WOOT WOOT. i'm excited
Sephora & TKB... YAYYY
What is this???
Why... it's a palette!!! How neat...
With tins too for... ? Pressing pigments of course and creating specialized palettes woot woot. I'm making some for christmas presents!!! how exciting... i'll post when I have one finished.
Sephora's Turn... $15 off this package buddy!!! and free shipping :)
Sephora samples are the best :) I'm excited to try these out especially the icelandic eye relief cream since I've been hesitant on buying that despite my utter love for the rest of the line.
hehe... I made them gift wrap it for me :) ... i mean it was a gift... just for myself :) and the box is SUPER cute.. The other one I got last year was a lot bigger. This one's rather cute\
and of course on the
Stila Lip Glazes!!! I've never tried these before so why not a sampler pack ehh?
My lips with Raisin #21

My lips with Vanilla #11
HOLY CRAP... I'm in love with these. They are sooo beautiful and shiny and they are just the right amount of color. I can't wait to try the other ones on. They're a bit sticky but not as sticky as MAC's lipglasses and they smell delishness too.
AHHH from the mother of all things colored: Urban Decay 24/7 Liners... another never try before product. And must say I love these too.
Swatches: from top to bottom- zero, lucky (MY FAVOOOOOORRRITE), covet, electric and lust
This is lust on... kind of really creepy close up like this but I love the color. I especially love purple liners, eyeshadows etc..
yahhh baby sexamalicious. i love this colour (lucky). friggen hot

My notecard I wrote to myself:

Alright now... my mineral e/s collection. All of these I've made, some of them however are recipes I've made from Coastalscents ... they will be pointed out.
Favorite out of this batch: Shimmer moss

Favorite out of this batch: ... ugh I love them all. prolly jamaican sun/ice queen

my favorite: skyy vodka even though it's a pale blue and rarely used I still love the colour

These are recipes that came with TKB's mica kit... I love them all

Sock 'em is my personal favorite out of these... my crown joy so far

Timberwolf is one I made and the other two are TKB recipes and I love LOVE SONG

These are all mines and Forever Purple was a struggle to recreate MUFD (hence the forever)'s purple color. I love it lol

Barbie is mine, otheres TKB. Burnished is a BEAUTIFUL color... this swatch doesn't really do it justice

I love this color to put over browns/golds just because it really looks like pieces of gold flakes. It's beautiful if I may say so myself ;). The picture came out blurry... oh well
I love Chopper... another sore attempt to copy Urban Decay's Chopper

These are all Coastalscent's colors whose recipes I found in their manual or on their forum

ehhh don't like these colors except peach which is a nice base colour

All coastalscent's colors and i am MADLY IN LOVE with luxe... it is an amazing color. It looks kind of orangey in the pic but honestly it's amazing.
So unfortunately I will miss you guys but I must embrace the real world sometimes. I'm excited for Tampa since I haven't seen my three besties Shanice, Ashley and Grace-C in a while SO YAYYY!!! plus sometimes everyone needs an escape... even from Miami.