Friday, December 12, 2008

FOTD/ Lady L holiday entry

Hey guys! I'm back :) whoo hoo! First off let's start wiiiith my FOTD/ Lady L Entry for the Holiday Contest!!!!. I wore this out Thursday night when i went to Iguana's... quite festive with all the silver glittery stuff.

I have REALLY small eyes :)


Throw up tha deuuuucesss!

Okay so this is what I used:

Laura Geller Spackle under make-up primer for za cheeks
Makeup Forever All mat primer for my t-zone
Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 118
Makeup Forever HD Powder
Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige
NARS Super Orgasm
Bare Minerals Warmth
1st layer: UDPP not pictured
2nd layer: Sharkskin Shadestick
3rd layer: my mineral e/s in Timberwolf
4th: Etude House's silver gray on inner V w/ Coastal scent's 88 palette silver on top, last column third row
5th: Coastal Scent's 88 palette on outer-v- last column fourth row
6th: Coastal Scent's black on top of outer-v
7th: used Coastal Scent's hi-lite beige to blend first column third row
8th: coastal scent's hi-lite in pearl to highlight eyebrow bone
9th: MAC's middle silver line in Outspoken to put silver sparkles everywhere :)
10th: MAC's black track fluid line
11th: Ardell lashes in iono because they were gone by the end of the night... they are not pictured :( RIP
Mascara: LORAC Publicity Stunt
Eyebrows: BanilaCo Eye love eyebrow duo

Banila Co Hyori Lipstick
Stila Lipgloss in Grapefruit for an ultimate pussy pout
SOOOO yeah got my prize package from Lotus Palace

I've never worn a lipstain before but I'm pleasantly pleased with this one. It's got this strange weird gross feel that kind of creeps me out but then it goes away haha. makes me look like I've been drinking cherry kool-aid all day.
Haven't used the face mask but I've done these before in Korea, they're like a staple in Korean makeup stores.
Elisha Coy BB Cream: i'm wearing it now and me likes it... it's like a muddy consistency at first ... kind of cool.
My Secret Santa on coastalscent's forum came in!!! yay for Pamalou at Nature's Beauty Minerals in Toledo, Washington :)

Lookie what I got!!! Two chocolate bath fizzies to be used after these darn finals.

And muslin clothes... which I've never used before but sound specktacular. Supposed to be really good for softly exfoliating your face.

So... Thursday got my paycheck ... went shopping for my outfit found NOTHING well for my outfit. EXCEPT these sex shoes I've been wanting for a year. Yes... a whole year.

Aren't they supppper hot. I wore them out Thursday night... bitchingly painful~! but sooo fuckin hot. Can't tell you how many compliments I got on my feet though yay :)
shoes i got my brother :) aren't they hot as shit!!!! i know i know the lil' kid loves me

So I bought this Thursday too since I got a sample of it with my sephora purchase the other day... basically... it's the shit. I really didn't like my MUFD HD foundation until I wore this under it. I'm not sure what it does to be completely honest with you but it feels like a second skin.
So girls, you know how we post about all the new things we get and sometimes our old favorites? Welllll I decided to do an old faithful that hasn't been gettin much love from me on the blog... my HAIRBRUSH!!! haha... it's a Conair from CVS and I would be lost without it... so yay here you go:


Kimberly Tia said...


what a fun filled entry that was from you!!!

and congratulations on your winnings from Lotus Palace (kathi) too, I was also a winner! YAY! and because of you, I ended up getting that Etude House Sherbet line from her to try out too...can't wait!

and i loveeeee using the gellar spackle, I got a sample of it too from a gf and have been using it since then!!! great stuff isn't it!!!

have a great weekend lovely girl and good luck w/lady l's contest too!

Lisa said...

those shoes are hot! i need to find some silver heels for my brothers wedding, maybe i get something similar to your. i don't know how you can walk in them though, was your feet sore after?