Friday, October 31, 2008

Tip of the Day

When applying eyeshadow wet (especially on my lower line) I use Vincent Longo's Water Canvas Base Primer right on my brush and then dip it into the eyeshadow, be it mineral or pressed.

Water Canvas Base is a non-greasy, transparent gel made with 81% MicrowaterTM, seaweed extracts and silica gel.
Maintains skin’s moisture balance to impart a hydrated, brightened, more youthful appearance.
Forms a flexible, cushiony barrier that won't crease or flake with facial movement.
Allows skin to breathe and buffers it from pollution and climate.
Fills-in enlarged pores, fine lines and creases.
Smoothes over inflammations such as acne spots or rosacea.
Extends the wear of all makeup products that follow for a flawless, morning-to-evening finish.
Suitable for men and women of any age and all skin types.

I use it on my face as well but when I'm doing eyeshadow (and some people prefer wet wipes, vaseline, mixing mediums) this is my go-to for that wet application. I have sensitive eyes and when I use mineral or pigment eyeshadows and they fall into my eyes I pretty much freak. But this gives me more control over that and it's also really gentle so it won't punish your sensitive under-eyes.

Oh and P.S.~ I love applying eyeshadow as a liner with Sonia Kashuk (Target's) angle brush. It's the perfect size and has the right firmness to get the job done beautifully.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Night Out on the Town

I know the pixelation is bad on this pic because I stole it from facebook lol but I just wanted to note how flawless my coverage is which is amazing because I have three large cystic pimples on my forehead and ten scars on my chin from a bad breakout last week. How I managed to pull this off:

Prep: Protection Cream by Philosophy (for my wonderful acne)
Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base Primer

Foundation: Vincent Longo Healthy something Liquid Foundation + MAC Strobe Cream, mixed together with Sephora Platinum Stippling Brush

More Coverage: BareMinerals Mineral Powder in Medium Beige with TooFaced Kabuki Brush

Bronzer: BareMinerals Warmth applied with Coastal Scents Flat Top Bronzer Buffer Brush.

Blush: NARS Deep Throat applied with The FaceShop's angle brush

Lipstick: MAC Ungaro Lipstick in Freckletone topped with NARS Greek Holiday lip gloss

Eyes: hopefully I can get a close-up and I'll let you know because I did this look two nights in a row because I liked how my eyes turned out.

When everyone posts the rest of the pictures up, I'll try and put one up of the after: i.e. after seven hours of partying our asses off!!! (it was my roomie's 21st!!) to see if my makeup stayed. We'll see ;-)

Me and my beautiful roomies!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red She Said and NYX Lipsticks

Ahhh!!! My NYX lipsticks from finally came in. Swatches and pictures to come (you know... whenever I fix that camera). I bought B52, Peach (which is actually more like a Plum... I think they have their fruits confused), Rae, Strawberry Milk, and something... can't remember right now cause it's 5 a.m. and I'm SOO ready for bed!

Also~ I just ordered from the new Red She Said MAC Collection and I'm too excited. I ordered the Outspoken eyeshadow and Dazzleglass in Miss Dynamite. Let you know when I get my little black box :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

MUFD Aqua Eyes 12L

Guys... I'm dying without my MAC Feline. I really hope my stuff is still in the car but I won't know until at least the end of this week! BUT in the midst of my feline withdrawal, I tried out a new look today. (This is where we all wished my camera was working for photops) I'll have to describe it to you guys and take a picture later.

Face: Completely natural, just the usual bareminerals powder, nars blush in deep throat and chapstick.

Eyes: no eyeshadow, Smashbox Bionic Mascara and here's the kicker for us hazel-eyed beauties out there: use MUFD Aqua Eyes in 12L which is a dark teal color (it's actually called blue with green highlights, metallic teal blue) in the lower waterline and again on the top eyelid as if you were applying liquid liner. and ta-da POPPIN EYES!!!! I've always loved how this eyeliner looks when it's just a complement to my eye look but when it's left alone to shine by itself it is utterly amazing!!!

RIP Louis and company

Update: Everything was returned to me :) Nothing in the car was stolen... unbelievable!!! Unfortunately, I definitely forgot my lipglass in the car... gotta get that (don't let me forget !!)
Soooo, I'm on today to mourn the loss of my Louis Vuitton speedy bag which was stolen from me... well my friend's car was stolen and my purse was in it. Grrrr for the universe being against us. Within my beautiful bag that my even beautifuller Ahna Bonana had given me was some beauty products that made me beautiful. :( Bye-bye:
Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair Serum
MAC Eyeliner in Feline
MAC Ungaro Lipstick in Freckletone and Lipglass
My beloved Banilaco Lipstick

On a good note: The car was found parked four blocks away from where we had parked it in the first place but then it got towed. :S Not good!

Experiment in process: My friend was wearing UDPP with my mineral eyeshadow in Fool's Gold and some other stuff and after five hours of horrendous tears... still had her eyeshadow on. Yay for UDPP for being there with us through all the hard times.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daily makeup routine

HeyyYy fabulous bloggers of the world!~ Welcome to me =)... I'm new at this and sooo excited to start... so let's dig right on in~!

That's me on the right!!! and my friend Tania on the left :) out on my 21st Birthdayy!

I figure I'll start with the good stuff... my daily routine.

Skin routine:
I use the Skyn Iceland 5-day Detox Kit... which lasts definitely longer than 5 days (more like a month). It comes with
- Glacial facial wash
- Arctic face mist
- Antidote Quenching Daily Lotion
- Oxygen Infusion Night Cream
Cost: $45 at Sephora

I have combination skin BUT I work the graveyard shift at least 3 times a week. 10pm-8am SOOOO needless to say my skin is STRESSED OUT most nights plus the life of a college student is oh so stressful ^_-. This stuff works wonders with my face... it just clicks. It's like getting 8-hours of sleep when most days I only get 4.

Toner: I use etude house's ( Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner. It's like ice in a can somehow. Don't know how they did it but it's Alaskan glacial water that when you spray out onto a cotton swab is FREEZING quite literally. Great for a hot day or to wake up your pores in the morning.
Eye cream: Stila Petal Infusions Cost: $8.40 at
Nightly applied... just started using this so no big secrets to tell you. Haven't had any dark circles/bags lately but that could be because I've been sleeping for once lol.

Daily Lotion: Philosophy's Hope in a Jar SPF 20 Cost: $48 at Sephora
Love love love this stuff. Was worried at first cause living in Miami ... tends to get quite humid and greasy (yuccckk) but this is the perfect lotion for me! It has a weird smell at first but it kind of reminded me of my mother when I was younger sooo actually quite comforting =). It has a souffle type texture but goes on like butter. You only need a tiny bit. Bonus points: SPF 20...!!! Need all the SPF I can get. I <3>

BareEscentuals Get Started Complexion in Medium Cost: $60 at
I believe this was the beginning of my mineral makeup obsession. I was a skeptic at first. How was I going to get the coverage I needed with a bunch of crushed up rocks on my face?!?!? Good question!!! Use and believe!! It's one of those faith things. People don't even tell me my makeup looks good anymore, they say my skin looks great because it gives you that glowing rosy look that Koreans are ALWAYS trying to attain. Without looking greasy. I don't use those brushes though because they tend to fall out... a lot and then I have random hairs all over my face which itch and are NOT cute!!! So instead I use my all-time favorite brush EVER:
Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush made of "Teddy Bear Hair Bristles" cost:$28.50 (whoooa is this on sale? I feel like I definitely paid $60 for this brush?) at Sephora.
The lady at Sephora who showed me this brush is a GENIUS and I would totally leave her something in my will if I could ever remember her name. This is the softest brush ever created and it's synthetic... crazy I know! If it's on sale get it now, maybe I'm delusional but that just means I feel like it's worth $60 bucks!!! Plus the casing is OOOOHHH SOOO ADORABLE... can't disagree with me there!!!
Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige Cost: $42 at Sephora.
The end all and be all (however that phrase goes) of concealers. Seriously, I will never use another concealer again. This is it. I mean it says amazing right there in the title why wouldn't you believe it?!?! The best for undereye dark circles, pimples, veins all that good stuff that we love. It's quite costly BUT a little goes a looooooong way. Seriously one wittle bittle dot and pimple go bye-bye. *-* Don't take my word for it, try it out! They even have mini like trial sizes now if you wanna try it out for a few months before getting the full size.

As for eyeshadows, I don't have an every-day look actually. I like to switch it up... daily. But I love Urban Decay, I also have Coastal Scent's 88 Shimmer Palette ( which I recently got and haven't even tried all the colors so I'll definitely do swatches later of all the ever loving colors. I <3>

I don't even have a favorite mascara actually, I <3 Sephora's Lash Stash II soon so I'll review those when I do get them. I got their first one a couple months ago and I <3 KISS mascara which paints your eyelashes. Kind of like falsies but without applying the false lashes.

Lipstick: I love dudes... I mean nudes... or nude dudes? :) Just bought MAC's Ungaro Freckletone and Lipglass. Looovee it. BUT my all time lover of a lipstick has to be Banila Co's (

Inspired by Hyori Lee's U-Go-Girl (which I will do a tutorial on later??) Count on ittttt!!!!

For your viewing pleasure: thanks yeonhee12!!