Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday and Cyber Monday= ECSTATIC JOY!!!! mi poor wallet :(

Hey guys get excited!!!! I know I am...! For all you Sephora Beauty Insiders, we got $15 off our next +$35 order and I jumped on that!!! Can't wait for my package to come, which I hear takes a lil' while from Lookie what I ordered:

What it says on Sephora:
Shine On Gift Of Glaze ($48 Value)
What it is:A collection containing six Lip Glazes.
What it does:Stila Shine On Gift of Glaze is a Lip Glaze six pack—featuring four top-selling shades and two new colors (Raisin and Gumdrop). The best-selling lip gloss formulas come in an easy-to-apply click pen that gives your lips a splash of high-shine color. Find the flavor to match your every mood in this must-have set of stunning shades.
Set includes:- Vanilla (pearly nude)- Brown Sugar (shimmering golden nude)- Raisin (shimmering golden plum)- Grapefruit (frosted pink)- Apricot (melon nectarine)- Gumdrop (vibrant pink)

What it is:A 24/7 Pencil set.
What it does:Urban Decay Travel Size Set of 5 is full of best-selling bright and tropical hues. The VIP set is back by popular demand! Each is a slick travel size, making it easy to stash anywhere. Created with moisturizing ingredients, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are creamy, blendable, and waterproof. Packaged together against a mirrored backdrop, the dazzling shades of 24/7 Pencils speak to everyone's inner party girl: the woman who wants and needs an Eye Pencil that lasts all night (and even into the morning!)
What else you need to know:The VIP set features the #1 best-selling black Eye Pencil, Zero (zealous black), Lucky (brilliant deep copper), Covet (peacock green), Electric (bright aquamarine), and Lust (plush purple).

AND AND ANDDDD... <<<> is having a 25% off the ENTIRE STORE sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
In addition to the 20% off everything at and all the sales at Too Faced, Smashbox and others I am one REALLY HAPPY GIRL!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good and Evil

So I went to Sephora to return my Philosophy "On a Clear Day" Acne Kit... holy shit... no lie, I told the cashier to "Take back the evil." Unfortunately, I didn't have a receipt so they gave me store credit which is basically saying go buy more stuff. So guess what I did?
... BOUGHT MORE STUFF. haha :) I bought... dun dun duuuunnn!
My BareMinerals Foundation in Medium Beige since I was all out.
AND... get excited.
I've been hearing raves about this one and also some :('s about it too so I had to check it out myself and
FINALLY it was at my Sephora... what could it be?!?!?
Why it's ...
Sexy... sophisticated and oh so beautiful
Holy Crapola... check out the glitter sparkles in THAT mama mia!!!
A swatch... but you really can't tell what it looks like hunh... it doesn't REALLY give it justice. It's a must try thing.
This is me with it on my cheeks...
On a completely side note:
Got to play in my micas today... wanna see ?!?!
These are actually the beginnings of my Christmas presents. These are for a friend whose name will remain unmentioned since she does once in a blue moon look at my blog. Hopefully she won't cause the names give it away :) lol
This is what I call Jamaican Sun.
I still have to add some fillers and what nots to them to make them adhede (is that the right verb for adhesive?) better

EZ Prez Experiment...

Disclaimer/Warning: ughhh I'm doing my nails right now, I apologise for their disgustingness :) And also... i can't remember teh second thing :)

What You Will Need:
91% alcohol, EZ Prez Pressing Medium, loose powder/pigment, a empty pan, a mixing pot, a small spatula, a piece of plastic (I cut the bottom half of a ziplock bag off), and a ribbon

A palette pan for your pressed powder, I took the lid off of a jar seen below actually.

I used the pot to mix the pigments and liquid and the lid to put the final product in.
Also some form of ribbon to create a hatch mark on the top to make it pretty.

Ez Prez pressing medium from

Rubbing Alcohol at 91%, you can use a lower percentage but it takes longer to dry.
A loose shadow of course. I chose Happy Shine Powder from Etude House

hehe... pour powder into stirring pot

Pour a couple drops of EZ Prez (shake gently before pouring to mix together oils) into your powder, I put in about 10 drops. Moderation is key, you don't want to put too much in. Otherwise... well you'll see.

Look how it looks!

Ewwww see what I mean by adding too much. It gets too wet and clumpy.

Let's try again:

meh... not exactly, still too wet and not enough powder

PERFECTO!!! You want it to be crumbly but able to "pull" like frosting when you push the spatula against it.
Alright I skipped a couple pictures here... I think i got too excited... so
1. mist the pan with alcohol
2. pour enough pigment/mix in to cover bottom layer

Place a plastic sheet over and press with a quarter to make it smooth
Next: spray the layer with alcohol
Press with quarter again... repeat repeat repeat

With the final layer, place a ribbon over the top and press with a quarter again.

Let it "cure" i.e. WAIT and dry for a couple hours

This is what the final looks like... PRETTY HUNH?!?!?! I KNOW!!!

With MAC beige-ing shadestick as a base, the top is the pressed the bottom is the original loose powder. You can see that the pressed one has more pigmented color but it loses some of its glittery sparkle.

Once again with Beige-ing shadestick

Without shadestick or base. It's meant to be a highlight color but it pretty much just adds tons of sparkles which I don't mind cuz I'm a glitter FANATIC!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Serious Amounts of raging JEALOUSY also known as BB Creams

Okay guys... what in the hayle is going on?!?!? All these delishness BB Creams. and they just don't look good on me :( I'm not sure... maybe it's the one that I have but now I feel like I have to go and buy a dozen to try them all on. Maybe I can wait until summer in Korea to go and experiment hmm... that's better than buying them and not liking them right?


P.S.~ my stomach really hurts.


OH double p.s.: what are your guys' favorite BB creams so I can try them when I get home... eventually. I'll start a massive list.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


First off... holy shit their shipping is fast. I've got shipments from Coastal Scents before but this was a record. basically a day... Anywhos... here are some pictures from my delishness haul!


The Box vs My hand... the box wins

The Insides of the Box...

Cute purple bag for the Glossi Glaze DIY Kit

What's inside? Glossi Glaze Base Mix, a spatula, a mixer thing, a Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush, 8 screw on lid type containers and two strange metal containers (which I think I'll skip already feeling like they're a bit... useless)

The Glossi Glaze micas and oxides

Close up of the ingredients to Glossi Glaze base Mix
Bottle of EZ Prez liquid mix to press your loose pigments

86-pack Sample Kit of Micas... holy cow the motherlode

The golds, tans, browns, etc...

Pinks, reds, purples

Interfines, sparkles, black, whites
Greens and Blues
Free gift (my favorite part of buying from coastalscents) apparently they can read my mind, I really wanted to try's

natural pencils. How lucky :)
Unfortunately I don't get to play in all this stuff till Thanksgiving at the earliest because stupid end of the semester projects/essays/tests you guys know the deal :S.

Waiting for my order :)

So I recently ordered from they have become my go-to money spending guzzling machine. It used to be Sephora but now that I'm experimenting in making my own makeup its just so much more fun.

So I ordered a 86 sample mica set, EZ-press fluid to press my loose mineral e/s, Glossi Glaze DIY lip gloss kit, and some rando powders like Sericite.

They shipped out of Naples yesterday SOOO since I'm in Miami they should be here by either tomorrow or the latest Monday. (They are SUPER speedy with shipping)

This way I'll get to play over Thanksgiving when I have the apartment to myself and no school. OOOOH so excited :)

Since that's where all my money went... couldn't take part in the 25% off NYX cosmetics sale. :( Did you guys buy anything???

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Missing home :(

So amidst all this posting of Korean products I got sentimental and started missing home terribly! Can't wait to go back in the summer. If only for like ... 2 months. It still is and always will be home to me. So I decided to post some throwback pictures from summers past and back in high-school... sort of make-up related you can see some of the shopping areas.

Favorite store banilaco :)

Me and my favorite BanilaCo uni!!!

Streets of downtown

My brother being strange... at an Anycall station in the underground metro shopping area.

My mommy downtown while we're out shopping :)

Random bathroom products in Korean open-air market Seomunshijang
Also at seomunshijang... random kids bookbags? haha not sure why I took this pic? ... guess cause it's sooo colorful!
My favorite shopping partner of all time, Kelli! In front of a cute little vintage jewelry store called Tiffany I think... ?

Nightlife in Daegu... me and a couple of my friends.


Yummmmm, just some simple dishes, deokbeokki, kimbap, oodong

one of my favorites: bibimbap! My brother took this picture btw!

As usual I tend to KILL korean food right down to the bare bowls. :) Missed a couple pieces of kimchi though :(

Amazing seafood clams. I'm not sure the Korean word for them, my eoma told me but I forgot. They're just friggen amazing, melted cheese on top of clams and other seafoods... mouthwatering to think about. These were in Pohang while we were at the annual Fireworks Festival. AMAZING experience.
Korean cafes are the BEST. This one was called Princess (it's closed now =(!) But you could dress up in dresses, wear masks, the whole place was pink and had swing chairs and beautiful draperies hanging down like those things that you put on your ceiling to cover your bed (can't remember name right now). I'm the one in the red jacket.

Me and my doggie Bugs before he got to be a huge lazy fatass!
Traditional Korean drumming...
Says: Whitney also the same as my tattoo (p.s. that's my middle name) and the bottom row says Pohang... which isn't where I'm from but a cute little seaside city.
So a little personal questionnaire: write your answers in the comment box!
What are the five things you miss most about home?
1. My family: I miss them soooo much! It's hard not being able to see them on a daily basis. Especially my brother who I love oh so much.
2. Shopping, I love Korea's downtowns, their cheap stores full of fun stuff.
3. Food... omg I miss Korean food. Thank goodness I have a kitchen this year where I occassionally throwdown hangul style!
4. Taxis... I miss being able to take a taxi and NOT spend my entire paycheck. In fact, I took taxis EVERYWHERE, a luxury I surely miss.
5. Department stores and markets, I know that's kind of cheating but both are adventurous places, you never know what you're going to find! Especially at markets, I love going to random ones and seeing what kind of great steals you can get.