Sunday, January 18, 2009

AWOL!!! Sorry :(

Heyy ladies, I'm currently in the Big Apple, yep the big New York CittaahhH! I've been here for a week actually and I'm about to leave in five hours :(. I came to visit my high school friend Ahna and we've been having a blast. Pictures to come when I can update more. I start school on Tuesday soo don't know when that will be especially since I friggen BROKE MY LAPTOP!!!!! Ahhh what to do?!?!?! So yeahhh once everything gets squared away I'll be bacc to consistent updating :) 

Miss you guys!!!! 


Digital Angel said...

I wondered if your alive :P Ohhhh you are in NY !!!!! I have never been there, I sux :P Its just like seoul isn't it ? I hope you have a safe trip, See you soon!!

fuzkittie said...

NicE!! Make sure you visit the Paul & Joe counter in Bergdorf!!! Hahaha.

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

enjoy your trip!! come back soon we miss you love♥