Saturday, January 24, 2009

Posts to come

Hey guyys. Had to buy a new computer but couldn't afford a full-size one so I got this little Asus eeePc thing from target lol. First week of school and I ordered some things so just to let you know what posts are in the weeks to come:
Mario Badescu Acne line up. I liked the samples so I bought full-size. Pictures and reviews
New York pictures!!!!
Wen Hair Care line... saw this on an informercial lol and I ordered it. Let's see if Chaz Dean can really work wonders for my hair!!!?!?!
Hello Kitty MAC South Beach launch: I RSVP'd to my South Beach MAC store's official preview of the HK MAC and i am SOOO excited. It's on Feb 3rd and I'm skipping classes to go whoo hoo. Will have swatches and pictures and of course reviews of the products I'm going to buy. I want some of that Kitty Kouture baby!!!!
Billy B Beauty COMPLETE Brush set I gave in and bought this for my christmas present!!!! Pictures, reviews and comparisons with Coastalscents brushes.

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Francesca said...

Eee Can't wait ^^♥